How can you not fall in love with Paris?

Our next couple Thanos and Katerina’s choice of location is one of the most romantic places in the world. And definitely one of our favourites. It was a beautiful winter morning and our couple were enjoying their espresso in a little bistro at Rue Montorgueil. Their ambition was to make their engagement photoshoot as special as possible.

We strolled down every little side street there was. All genres of music can be heard in Paris. From the Opera and symphonic music to musical theatre and jazz. The feeling was amazing. They displayed their love for each other under the imposing Eiffel Tower. We walked to the Museum of Louvre, explored the church of Notre Dame. We captivated some beautiful images.

After capturing every moment possible we could, we had the opportunity to wonder around. We explored the extremely graphic streets of Monmarte and came to a conclusion. Paris will always provide lessons in history, beauty and in the point of life.

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