Our style is unique and timeless. We love working with natural light, we are masters of storytelling, and our experience allows us to narrate your wedding and atmosphere on the day, by using our defined skills in fine art, photojournalism, candid and fashion photography. Emotion and moments will shine through in every one of your images. Your pictures are like a time capsule, an heirloom, a gift allowing your memories to live on through generations.

Weddings are full of moments that will make you laugh, cry, and become lost for words as you relive all that took place on your special day.


Destination Wedding Photographers in Greece


We were introduced to the world of photography by our grandfather. Our work is created by our bond; we trust and know each other inside out, resulting in an unparalleled experience and confidence in what we produce for our clients.

We chose to be wedding photographers, and for the last 10 years this has been our focus. Our style and approach for wedding photography is authentic and creative. Our method spotlights, modernism, and elegance.

We are destination wedding photographers based in Greece, with the freedom to travel to new beauty spots around the world.

No matter where you want to take this exciting and important step in your lives, We will be there to capture the magic and being your wedding photographer will be an honour.

Wedding photography is what we do, what we love and what excites us.

We take immense joy in capturing spontaneous, emotive, and alluring photographs that encapsulate the reality and authenticity of every one of our couples. Your day is about you, your family and your friends that is important to us. It is paramount for us to have a clear idea of your vision and take inspiration from your style to elevate it to reflect our work.

Capturing those ethereal moments will reveal how rich your reality truly is.

Savoring the Sweetness of Pastel Hues in the Cycladic Island of Paros, Greece

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This celebration was a true labor of love, with every detail meticulously curated to perfection. From the ethereal floral arrangements to the exquisite venue, every aspect of this wedding radiated elegance and sophistication.

But what truly stole the show were the breathtaking moments captured in the wedding photos. The bride looked absolutely radiant in her stunning gown, exuding grace and beauty with every step down the aisle. And the groom, dapper as ever, was the perfect complement to his bride, showcasing a timeless sense of style.

.Each photograph encapsulates the essence of their love story, leaving viewers captivated by the sheer beauty and romance of the day.

We cannot wait to share this extraordinary wedding with you all.

From the bride

John’s mom's side of the family is Greek and he grew up going there every summer.We went together in the summer of 2019 and I fell in love with the islands.

We knew having our family and friends flying across the globe was a big feat, so we did everything in our power to make the trip worth it.

We wanted to make the most out of the island, allowing for the effortless views of Paros to set the vibe for the wedding, ultimately the Greek sunset was our focal point and theme.

It was the inspiration behind our invitations, flowers, color scheme, everything really! We also love the feeling you get when you’re in Italy so our wedding planners did an incredible job merging the Greek and Italian influences together when it came to the design and decor.

Romantic wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Sophie and Tobias's wedding day was beauteous from start to finish. They exchanged their vows in the grounds of "La Certosa di Pontignano" ,Tuscany. The rolling hills, quaint vineyards and stunning meadows provided the pluperfect setting for this romantic wedding. Everything looked idyllic and suited this destination wedding flawlessly.

Destination wedding photography in Greece

" The experience having Manos and Christos as our photographers on our wedding day was magical and dreamy. They made us feel so relaxed and we enjoyed every single moment. We wish we had more time with them".

Luisa & Chris


destination wedding photographer in greece

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Dominica and Emile are two people with personalities that capture your heart in an instant. The couple decided that a destination wedding in Greece's heart-warming island, Corfu would be the perfect way to start their journey as a married couple. The preparations of the wedding began in the luxurious bridal suite at the Ekaterini Estate, before heading to Corfu's St. James Catholic Cathedral in the old town where the couple exchanged their romantic vows.

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If you are a modern romantic, you will adore this wedding story. Luisa and Chris's delicate style and chic design made their day not only unbelievably stunning , but it also poured great energy into the whole experience . Saying I do in Greece didn't only mean the perfect opportunity to vow love eternal before their closest and dearest , but also hosting an incredible celebration that would be equal parts bold, romantic and luxurious .

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What can we say about Rachel and Alex's wedding? One word: Epic! The venue was striking , the weather was splendid , as were the groom and the bride , guests and entertainment . The whole day was remarkable. Rachel and Alex travelled with their closest friends and family to tie the knot in Santorini. The day oozed good , joyful vibes from the moment it began, as the sun set and the day dawned the party had just begun.