Elegant and modern wedding in Corfu island , Greece

Welcome to the breathtaking wedding of Bart and Christina, a celebration of love and romance captured. The couple's special day unfolded at the enchanting Courti Estate, nestled on the exclusive Corfu Riviera's South-East coast—a true gem among the most luxurious holiday villas on the island, surrounded by its own private gated estate.

The bride gracefully adorned two exquisite dresses — a captivating ensemble for the ceremony and first dance, and a dazzling outfit reserved for the lively party that followed. The evening's enchantment reached its peak during their choreographed first dance, performed beneath a mesmerizing crystal chandelier, leaving guests in awe.

The magic didn't stop there — Bart and Christina made a grand entrance to the celebration, surrounded by the glimmering radiance of sparklers, setting the tone for a night filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will forever linger in their hearts.

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