Love on the waters of Lake Como…

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Lake Como stands as an unrivalled backdrop for love stories that transcend time. This tale unfolds on the shimmering waters of the lake, where romance and tradition come together in an exquisite wedding celebration. Join us as we journey through the captivating moments captured in a vintage wooden boat, a vessel that cradled the love of two souls against the breathtaking panorama of Lake Como.

As the sun kissed the waters of Lake Como, our couple embarked on a timeless adventure aboard a vintage wooden boat, its charm adding an extra layer of enchantment to an already magical day. The boat, with its weathered wood and classic design, became the vessel that carried their dreams into the horizon.

The photographic journey unfolded in a symphony of styles, each frame telling a unique part of the love story. From the rustic charm of the boat itself to the drone's eye view capturing the vastness of Lake Como, and shots from a distance that showcased the couple against the magnificent mountain backdrop, every perspective was explored to create a visual narrative that mirrored the depth of their love.

Against the vintage wooden backdrop, our bride graced the scene in a gown that echoed the classic beauty of Lake Como. Her lace dress whispered tales of romance, while pearls adorned her shoes, creating a vision of timeless elegance. Every step she took became a dance of grace, and every glance she shared with her groom spoke volumes about the love that brought them to this breathtaking moment.

In the distance, the towering mountains stood witness to this union, their peaks echoing the heights of the couple's love. The azure waters reflected the grandeur of the landscape, forming a natural canvas that framed every stolen glance and tender touch.

The intimate moments captured aboard the boat transported us to a realm of pure romance. As the boat gently rocked against the serene waters, the couple shared stolen kisses and whispered promises. These photos encapsulated the tender, private moments that made their wedding day truly their own.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, some moments were immortalized in the timeless allure of black and white. These monochrome snapshots added a touch of nostalgia, emphasizing the eternal nature of their love and the enduring beauty of Lake Como.

In every frame, Lake Como's beauty intertwined with the love that enveloped the couple, creating a visual symphony that resonates with echoes of romance. This vintage boat, the mountainous backdrop, the classic elegance of the bride, and the intimate moments captured – together, they weave a story that transcends time, celebrating the union of two souls against the picturesque canvas of Lake Como.


VENUE : VILLA BELVEDERE RELAIS Venue | Villa Belvedere Relais | Workshop Host : AMV Retreats | Wedding Planning, Styling & Design : AMV Weddings | Educators : Sophie Kaye | Andreas K. Georgiou | Rossini PhotOGRAPHY BTS Photo : Konstatyn Zakhariy | BTS  Video : Leann Fyvie | Florist : Garden of Love | Hair/Makeup : Studio Como | Models : Milona & Matteo | Capsule Boat : Lake Como Boat | Dress : Ines di Santo Earrings : Megan Therese | Shoes : Jimmy Choo | RING : Andria Barbone

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